Steps For Managing A Domestic Violence Case

In North Carolina, domestic violence cases are managed according to who the victim and attacker are. Additional circumstances may apply to these cases based on their identity. However, the criminal cases are basically the same in essence. The following are details about the steps for managing a domestic violence case.

The Arrest Record

The evidence used to prosecute a defendant for domestic violence begins with the arrest record. With each new arrest, a new charge is created. These cases could be stretched out over several different proceedings depending on the exact nature of the crime. The arrest record could also lead to further action by the victim and their attorney. These actions could impose additional penalties based on how the defendant conducts themselves between the time of the arrest and the trial.

How the Order of Protection Works

The victim can petition the court to acquire an order of protection. This order explains what actions the defendant cannot perform. This will include provisions that prevent the defendant from contacting the victim or visiting certain areas in which the victim is likely to be. All terms of the order include possible violations if the defendant doesn’t comply with the order.

The Accumulation of New Charges

Each time that the defendant violates the order of protection, they accumulate new charges. These charges could include assault and battery, sexual assault, the use of drugs or alcohol, and harassment. The defendant will accumulate a new court date for each violation and will face the penalties of these crimes if convicted.

What Happens if the Defendant is Convicted?

If the defendant is convicted of domestic violence, they will face the initial penalty for the crime. These penalties are increased due to the fact that the victim lives in or lived in the home previously. They will also accumulate more penalties if they are convicted of any additional violation of the protection order.

In North Carolina, domestic violence is a crime associated with assault or any bodily harm that is caused by another family or household member. The crimes have increased penalties based on the identity of the victim. Any defendant facing these charges visit for more info now.